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Aidan Gallery was founded in Moscow in 1992. It.s owner Aidan Salakhova is one of the owners of the First Gallery (1989-1992), really the first private gallery in Moscow that worked with Contemporary Art.

Aidan Gallery is the leading Moscow gallery of the contemporary art. An aesthetic position of artists of the gallery . is a combination of the newest tendencies of currents of the contemporary art and skill of the Russian classical school, which pasted through the filter of irony and new technologies. Romanticism and cynicism, minimalism and the hyperrealistic receptions, new plastic and obvious citations successfully unites different artists of Aidan Gallery: such as Stars of informal art of times of reorganization and new names already found a recognition with Russian and Foreign collectors.

Aidan Gallery works with the artists, combining strong Conceptualism with radical Estetism. Such as Rauf Mamedov, Elena Berg, Nikola Ovchinnikov, Konstantin Latyshev and others. The gallery took part in the following International Fairs of Contemporary Art: The Armory Show (USA), FIAC (France), Art Moscow (Russia) , Art Forum Berlin (Germany),ARCO (Spain)

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